50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #19

50 Tickets

Top Tens

Regional Previews

  • Four individual races at State events, three top-3 finishes
  • Those top finished have spanned both the grass and the track
    • That 3rd place finish on the track was in the 3200m as a freshman, just behind Frens and Squires
    • The other two have been at MIS, where Meghan truly shines
  • She’s been at the head of the D2 discussion for the past two years and rightfully so, with many trophies to her name
    • Greater Lansing as a freshman, Regional and CAAC Reds both years
    • CAAC Reds and Regionals on the track
  • The times were a little faster as a freshman, 17’s at both CAAC Red and Bluejay, but come November, she actually ran faster, 18:18 at State in 2020 to 18:10 in 2021
  • Given that progress, we should expect a run into the 17’s and many more championships to bring home

10Meghan Ford19:12.5146.8LamplighterFord Field20-Aug
10Meghan Ford19:28.0150.7MustangCass Benton31-Aug
10Meghan Ford18:51.0147.7Lansing Catholic Mini 1St. Francis Retreat Center9-Sep
10Meghan Ford19:02.8143.1CAAC Red 1St. Johns HS21-Sep
10Meghan Ford18:18.5152.8BluejayShepherd HS2-Oct
10Meghan Ford19:12.4136.9CAAC Red 1St. Johns HS5-Oct
10Meghan Ford18:39.9150.7PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
10Meghan Ford18:34.8151.7Greater LansingLedge Meadows GC16-Oct
10Meghan Ford19:22.2141.9CAAC Red 3Fowlerville HS21-Oct
10Meghan Ford18:42.7139.413 PortagePortage West MS30-Oct
10Meghan Ford18:10.8153.1D2 StateMIS6-Nov
10Meghan Ford18:09.9154.4MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

9Meghan Ford156.0Holt/MasonHolt HS28-Aug
9Meghan Ford156.8Haslett/MasonMason HS10-Sep
9Meghan Ford156.3Mason/St. JohnsMason HS15-Sep
9Meghan Ford161.3Mason/JLCMason HS22-Sep
9Meghan Ford165.5Shepherd BluejayShepherd HS3-Oct
9Meghan Ford166.4Greater LansingLedge Meadows10-Oct
9Meghan Ford150.8CAAC Red LeagueHaslett HS14-Oct
9Meghan Ford145.8PR 27St. Francis Retreat Center24-Oct
9Meghan Ford154.2D2 Reg 14DeWitt HS31-Oct
9Meghan Ford159.3D2 StateMIS6-Nov

  • The benefit of having very fast training partners and a yearly tradition of success is that you can bring Joe along slowly, ready to dominate at the front of the pack as a senior
  • I should take that back, Joe has always been at or near the front
    • In his 2019 freshman year, he was able to eclipse the 17:00 barrier late, both at Benzie and Northern Michigan
    • During his 10th grade year, he threw out an eye-opening 16:14 at Bluejay, then repeated that immaculate performance with a 16:19 at State
  • But his junior year is when he began to put it all together, the entire year sub-17, many of those races under 16:35, culminating in a 15:54 at State
    • His finishes at Regionals, Northern Michigan, and State were all his best to date
  • In track, we’ve seen those undeviating advances too, his 800m improving from 2:07 to 2:01, his 1600m from 4:35 to 4:21
  • That added strength and speed in the 1600m could be the ticket to a huge fall, at the very least, we know Joe will keep tickin’ and hittin’ those gains

11Joe Muha16:24.7194.1Pete MossBenzie Central HS28-Aug
11Joe Muha16:35.0196.3SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
11Joe Muha16:32.6191.8JacksonSharp Park25-Sep
11Joe Muha16:27.8189.7BluejayShepherd HS2-Oct
11Joe Muha16:48.4191.5Big North ConferencePetoskey MS19-Oct
11Joe Muha16:19.7187.1Northern MichiganMichaywe Pines GC23-Oct
11Joe Muha16:58.5197.52 DeltaDelta College30-Oct
11Joe Muha15:54.6199.8D1 StateMIS6-Nov
11Joe Muha16:06.1197.0MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

10Joe Muha178.0Pete MossBenzie Central HS29-Aug
10Joe Muha185.6LudingtonWest Shore CC19-Sep
10Joe Muha187.8PetoskeyPetoskey MS26-Sep
10Joe Muha191.6Shepherd BluejayShepherd HS3-Oct
10Joe Muha180.0Big North ConferencePetoskey MS13-Oct
10Joe Muha187.0PR 1Grand Haven HS23-Oct
10Joe Muha180.4D1 Reg 1Buckley HS31-Oct
10Joe Muha191.2D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Joe Muha180.2Pete MossBenzie Central
9Joe Muha170.9SpartanForest Akers
9Joe Muha173.2Cougar FalconGainey Fields
9Joe Muha178.6PortagePortage West MS
9Joe Muha177.8Big North ConferenceGaylord CC
9Joe Muha187.1Northern MichiganMichaywe Pines GC
9Joe Muha179.41Benzie Central
9Joe Muha180.6D1 StateMIS

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