50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #5

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  • Her ability to keep it rolling, championship after championship, season after season, is simply astounding
  • The above image details her accomplishments during the MHSAA seasons, I couldn’t find enough room to fit AAU and indoor track
    • A few weeks ago at Junior Olympics, she grabbed the silver medal in the 1500m and the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in the 3000m
    • Back at the LAB, she used a furious last lap to snatch victory, winning the MITS 3200m
  • It’s not as if it’s taken awhile to get to this level, she’s always been there
    • Her career commenced with five consecutive victories, that freshman year ended with an All-State
    • In the spring of ’21, she further established herself at the D1 level, placing 4th in the 3200m at East Kentwood
  • Even at her high speed, gains were made as a sophomore, getting into the top-10 at MIS and progressing from 10:53 to 10:26 over the eight-lap distance
  • More championships are coming in 2-3 months, you can all but guarantee Jayden will be present, competing up front

10Jayden Harberts19:00.2149.9Budd CiciarelliBloomer Park2-Sep
10Jayden Harberts18:21.5154.2Muskrat ClassicAlgonac HS11-Sep
10Jayden Harberts18:35.3154.9MAC Red 1Eastwood Beach21-Sep
10Jayden Harberts18:29.9155.0JeffersonSterling State Park25-Sep
10Jayden Harberts18:27.3149.9MAC DivisionMetro Beach5-Oct
10Jayden Harberts19:11.7144.4Macomb CountyFreedom Hill16-Oct
10Jayden Harberts19:22.4158.59 Anchor BayAnchor Bay HS29-Oct
10Jayden Harberts17:59.6157.1D1 StateMIS6-Nov
10Jayden Harberts18:09.6154.5MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

9Jayden Harberts132.6Chippewa Valley/Dakota/EisenhowerEastwood Beach21-Aug
9Jayden Harberts138.9Armada/Dakota/Richmond/StevensonDakota HS3-Sep
9Jayden Harberts142.4Dakota/Fraser/MarianDakota HS12-Sep
9Jayden Harberts153.3MAC Red 1Barnabo Field19-Sep
9Jayden Harberts147.0Cleverley Friday NightAnchor Bay HS25-Sep
9Jayden Harberts148.7HansonsFreedom Hill3-Oct
9Jayden Harberts148.7Macomb CountyFreedom Hill10-Oct
9Jayden Harberts148.9PR 18Romeo HS20-Oct
9Jayden Harberts147.3D1 Reg 9Anchor Bay HS30-Oct
9Jayden Harberts149.9D1 StateMIS6-Nov

  • As this Grand Haven program has risen back into prominence, along has come runners such as Nolan
  • His progression through the years makes so much sense, each tiny step building on one another
  • He began his career back in 2019, running above 18:00 in the beginning stages of the season, and closed it with a major confidence boost, a 16:34 at Benzie
  • This Buccaneer took it a step further in his sophomore version, multiple mid-16’s to close, but more importantly, a trip to MIS   
    • I always say you need one trip to the State level to take in the experience and get ready to rip it the following year
  • Rip it is what he did, from mid-September on, racing to sub-16 in six of his final races
    • Not only the times, he put himself on the medal stand as well, placing 2nd at OK Red, 4th in Region 1, then his first All-State, 17th in Division 1
  • And it just keeps building, the spirit gained from the fall took hold in track, his 4:15 and 9:08 both ranking in the top-5 amongst Michigan returners
  • These Grand Haven kids keep it close to the vest and do an amazing job of letting their legs do the talking, after all, those are the results that matter

11Nolan Clark16:47.1196.6Fruitport EagleFruitport Calvary Christian24-Aug
11Nolan Clark16:22.0197.7BredewegMacatawa Bay MS11-Sep
11Nolan Clark16:01.0204.0Ottawa HillsRiverside Park17-Sep
11Nolan Clark15:51.4196.5OK Red 1Grand Haven HS21-Sep
11Nolan Clark15:56.6198.5Allendale FalconAllendale HS2-Oct
11Nolan Clark16:14.5196.8OK Red 2Macatawa Bay MS5-Oct
11Nolan Clark15:55.7204.1PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
11Nolan Clark15:52.0195.7OK Red ConferenceRiverside Park21-Oct
11Nolan Clark15:57.1196.31 AllendaleAllendale HS30-Oct
11Nolan Clark15:50.5201.2D1 StateMIS6-Nov

10Nolan Clark193.3Grand Haven/Zeeland EastGrand Haven HS24-Aug
10Nolan Clark167.5Grand Haven/GrandvilleSouth Christian Athletic Complex10-Sep
10Nolan Clark175.5Spring Lake LakerSpring Lake HS12-Sep
10Nolan Clark186.9EK/GHGrand Haven HS22-Sep
10Nolan Clark178.6Grand Haven/RockfordEast Rockford MS29-Sep
10Nolan Clark184.1Grand Haven/JenisonUnity Christian HS6-Oct
10Nolan Clark183.0GH/HWOGrand Haven HS13-Oct
10Nolan Clark187.2PR 1Grand Haven HS23-Oct
10Nolan Clark185.9D1 Reg 1Buckley HS31-Oct
10Nolan Clark185.4D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Nolan Clark167.6Grand HavenGrand Haven HS
9Nolan Clark166.4BredewegMacatawa Bay MS
9Nolan Clark167.0SpartanForest Akers
9Nolan Clark178.1Allendale FalconAllendale HS
9Nolan Clark176.9PortagePortage West MS
9Nolan Clark175.9OK RedRiverside Park

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