Regional Previews: Division 1, Region 4

Regional Previews

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Where: Huron Meadows, aka “The Meadows”

During the latter half of last October, rainy day after rainy day swamped many courses around Southeast Michigan. The North Course at Hudson Mills had mudpits in the woods, the swampy Algonac and Anchor Bay areas were swampy, Willow couldn’t even host, and Huron Meadows ran as fair as it normally runs.

Is it the higher ground? Firm footing? Good drainage? Magic evaporation of the Brighton area? Who knows, but what one can expect as a runner is a flat track in the open areas and a bit of rolling terrain in the woods. As a spectator or coach, one can expect to see their favorite athletes at least 5 times if not more. Just be sure to get there early with only one entrance to the park.

Expect to see times consistent with what one would run at State.

2021 Boys: Brighton (1st), Hartland (17th), East Lansing (16th)

2021 Girls: Brighton (7th), Ann Arbor Skyline (14th), South Lyon East (13th)

Unfortunately, to finish all these previews before Friday morning, some areas need to get cut. The writing about the various athletes, any sort of team battles, history, backdrop, that’s the most logical area to take in order to save time. The negative is that’s my favorite part. The positive is that with a lighter schedule of meets next week, I’ll be able to write my Upper Peninsula preview (yes, you read that right) and fill these in. So I’ll likely post an update to all the socials after those athletes are covered, and maybe we’ll have more info on some of the teams that are in contention.

Not gonna lie, it makes me very sad that two of my favorite teams, Howell and South Lyon East are battling for one spot. In a perfect world, you’d both make it.

Top 25 Boys Teams: Brighton (3rd), Ann Arbor Skyline (17th)

Top 25 Girls Teams: Brighton (11th), Ann Arbor Skyline (13th), Howell (18th), South Lyon East (19th), Grand Blanc (24th)


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