2022 Mid-Season Regional Projections – Happy Acres


Race to Watch

Half the reason I do these previews is to give a midseason update. The other half is to figure out how much content I can bring for Regional Week. Writing about teams that have improved, individuals who have stood out is enlightening and I’m sure feels good for those listed, but it sure as heck takes time. Perhaps concentrating on one race is better for me? We’ll find out.

Both the Boys and Girls races for the victory, for 3rd place seem set in stone, Carina Burchi has been dominantly improving, let’s think about the top Boys. Three contenders: Landen Livingston, Caleb Howard, and Logan Cooper.

The only head to head race between the three was this past weekend here at Happy Acres, where Logan Cooper finished 2nd in the Josh Lott Memorial Invite.

Caleb was 8th, but was by far his best time of the year. Caleb had shown he’s in this type of shape, running 18:18 at Saranac on a brutally hot day, he’s also shown he can perform under pressure, placing top-50 at State the previous two seasons.

We saw it first on the track, where Logan dropped his 800m best from 2:41 to 2:08. We’re seeing it now on the grass, Logan was north of 19:00 for much of the 2021 season. His magical year isn’t just evident in times, the medals are racking up as well, top-10 finishes at his last 5 invites.

Livingston is the wild card. Just a freshman, he’s had his ups and downs. Three sub-18’s, most recently in a competitive field at New Balance. Holly didn’t go his way, but I’m sure it was a great learning experience. Let’s watch to see if he can establish a bit of consistency in this next month.

112Logan CooperPotterville170.1
29Landen LivingstonWhitmore Lake165.2
312Caleb HowardWebberville162.2
412Braylan MajeskyWhitmore Lake159.4
512Deegan BodellCarson City-Crystal158.7
611Cameron GriffinWhitmore Lake155.7
712Jacob SkidmoreNovi Christian Academy153.0
811Reily HendersonWhitmore Lake146.1
911Jobe SkaffNovi Christian Academy144.8
109Emmanuel MehariPlymouth Christian Academy144.6
119Quentin SmithFowler141.7
1212Drew PeckensWebberville140.2
1312Dennis WilsonNovi Christian Academy136.6
1412Vincenzo LewanPlymouth Christian Academy136.1
1511Trevor FeldpauschFowler135.9
1612Adam MoorePlymouth Christian Academy132.8
179Timothy ChamberlainPortland St. Patrick131.2
1812Brayden ClarkCarson City-Crystal131.0
199Kristian CoonCarson City-Crystal130.6
2012Oisin O’GradyCarson City-Crystal128.9

19Carina BurchiWhitmore Lake127.7
212Ashlyn KephartLansing Christian100.5
311Ellayna MeredithPortland St. Patrick100.3
411Natalie MeadowsWhitmore Lake95.2
59Elodie WeaverWhitmore Lake94.2
610Kelcie PungFowler85.2
711Josie DubucNovi Christian Academy84.5
812Brooke CravenWhitmore Lake83.4
99Madi HarePlymouth Christian Academy82.4
1010Erica WalkerClarkston Everest Collegiate79.5
119Sofia RobertsonWhitmore Lake70.6
129Taylor WiegandLivingston Christian70.1
1312Cozette BrownPortland St. Patrick68.5
1411Mya GuillermoNovi Christian Academy66.0
1510Landry GomezSt. Charles57.8
160Grace BellNovi Christian Academy52.8
1711Eve HerrgottClarkston Everest Collegiate51.9
1812Grace PiggottFowler51.6
1911Ciara ParsonsWhitmore Lake44.7
209Alaina DriverPotterville43.5

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