2022 Mid-Season Regional Projections – Shrine


  • I received a bit of pushback over the summer for ranking the Royal Oak Shrine boys so high, well look who’s still here in first
    • Okay, they didn’t add the great number of 8th graders as projected, but unless anyone finds a better method than assuming 8th graders running cross will run 9th grade cross, let me know
    • The 9th graders that have competed for the Knights, Michael Bowker and Abenezer Cerone, have made a noticeable impact on their fortunes
      • Bowker has run in the 18’s on a variety of courses – Holly, Goodells, Algonac
      • Cerone has followed the same pattern, albeit a tad faster, high-17’s at those venues
  • Although the top three remain the same for the boys, Lutheran Westland has moved down significantly in terms of points
    • Year to year, the Warriors have raced at the same places, and in those races (OCS Small School, Holly, Ramblin Rock, Whitmore Lake), Nathan Betke has finished almost 100 seconds faster on average in 2022 compared to 2021
    • Nathan clocks in as Westland’s 5th runner on the chart below, and as you can see, he’s the best 5th runner in the field
  • The Girls section remains a similar order and range of scores compared to earlier
    • Rochester Hills Lutheran NW has absorbed the absence of one of their key contributors, who I believe will be back soon, and heck, they’re still in first
      • Kendall Zaliwski has stepped up for the Crusaders, at Holly she ran 64 seconds faster than in 2021, and a 2022 season best
    • Auburn Hills Oakland Christian doesn’t have a few of the girls that I had anticipated joining the team, but that’s been offset by Leah Zarilli, who just placed 8th in the first MIAC Jamboree, 4 spots better than any placing last year

PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Royal Oak Shrine78481026303543
2Lutheran Westland8011121321233138
3Marine City Cardinal Mooney80291822293237

PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Rochester Hills Lutheran NW464689192426
2Auburn Hills Oakland Christian54251217182528
3Royal Oak Shrine587101114162023

112Christopher RusselburgAllen Park Cabrini191.2
211Tyler LennMarine City Cardinal Mooney177.3
312Alex MeszarosRiverview Gabriel Richard171.9
49Abenezer CeroneRoyal Oak Shrine162.9
512Merrick MichaelsonWest Bloomfield Frankel Jewish Academy161.1
612Johnny BenkoRiverview Gabriel Richard156.9
711TJ DonnanSouthfield Christian153.1
89Michael BowkerRoyal Oak Shrine150.5
911Isaac ZammitMarine City Cardinal Mooney150.2
1012Arline LileRoyal Oak Shrine148.1
119Max BrannanLutheran Westland146.2
1211Jeffrey McGuireLutheran Westland146.2
1310Tom ShaferLutheran Westland139.2
1411AJ OwenBirmingham Roeper138.7
1511Luke DouglasAuburn Hills Oakland Christian137.9
1611Tommy AbaziSouthfield Christian133.6
1712Brayden McKayAllen Park Cabrini128.7
1812Matthew Zammit Jr.Marine City Cardinal Mooney127.1
1912Dean MoshierAuburn Hills Oakland Christian124.3
2012Samuel WenzelAustin Catholic123.5

111Ava TeedAllen Park Cabrini130.0
212Erika Van LotonHuron Valley Lutheran120.5
310Eliza KeithAuburn Hills Oakland Christian119.8
412Helana NapiorkowskiAustin Catholic101.2
512Madeleine BargeRochester Hills Lutheran NW98.1
611Leah ZarrilliAuburn Hills Oakland Christian91.9
711Abby RiceRochester Hills Lutheran NW85.6
810Natalie GibbsBirmingham Roeper83.5
99Eleanor ColeLutheran Westland75.1
1012Michaela KurthLutheran Westland75.0
1112Natalie MalczykHuron Valley Lutheran71.9
1210Tess TillmanRoyal Oak Shrine71.6
139Ellee ColeLutheran Westland70.4
1412Julia TroxelRochester Hills Lutheran NW66.4
1511Morgan McNallyAcademy of the Sacred Heart66.3
1611Kendall ZaliwskiRochester Hills Lutheran NW63.5
1712Maura GumRoyal Oak Shrine63.1
1810Rose LoseyRoyal Oak Shrine62.8
1911Karis KeithAuburn Hills Oakland Christian59.0
2011Nicole TeedAllen Park Cabrini57.4

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