2022 Ratings – Division 4 Girls State Finals

Entering the year as the #1 ranked team, all eyes were on Johannesburg-Lewiston. Similarly to their boys team, the girls weren’t able to run their full squad at the 2021 State Finals, missing Natalie Zochowski, who was their 3rd girl for much of that season. As they would return their entire top seven (plus add another potential contributor from the Gascho clan), hopes were high heading into 2022.

Of course, there were challengers. Whitmore Lake has been adding young talent recently, with more to come in the future. Hillsdale Academy has a strong tradition. Lutheran Northwest captured the 4x800m title in the spring. Harbor Springs was moving down from Division Three. There were no guarantees.

This became apparent in mid-September, the heat at Forest Akers teaching you a necessary early season lesson. The Cardinals finished 12th in the White Division, six spots behind another D4 contender, Kingston. Looking back, it’s easy to understand why they finished so far back, Madalyn Agren unable to finish, two of the Gascho trio not toeing the line. But in the moment, a setback can trend towards a downward spiral or snap a team into shape.

Meanwhile, down south, Whitmore Lake was laying waste to any small school in the Metro area. The MIAC Conference may be one of the more stacked girls leagues in the state, featuring three top-10 teams. The Trojans swept the three league meets and even hung with the bigger schools at invites such as New Balance and Stockbridge. They did suffer a defeat, however, those Hillsdale Academy Colts coming out of Holly with a narrow victory.

With a win at Portage over a strong D4 field, it appeared as if Johannesburg-Lewiston had learned the lessons dumped upon them at Spartan and were primed for a run towards a state title. Yolanda Gascho had debuted with two consecutive sub-20’s, Agren had established herself as a steady third girl, the pieces were in place with nothing to stop these girls.

Until Northern Michigan and Regionals, where Harbor Springs made their bid. At Region 28, the Rams were able to show out with six of their top seven hitting a personal best, in the process putting four girls in front of Johannesburg’s third, laying the blueprint for an upset the following week. Would Johannesburg fall victim again, allowing Hillsdale Academy, Whitmore Lake, or Harbor Springs steal a crown? Or would they dress for revenge and grab it for their own self?  


State PlaceTeamSummerWeek 2Week 3Week 4Champ SeasonCounty WeekLeague WeekState Proj.
2Hillsdale Academy22224334
3Whitmore Lake33312223
5Harbor Springs87893442
6Rochester Hills Lutheran NW56756555
8Auburn Hills Oakland Christian455689119


Eliza Keith, Auburn Hills Oakland Christian: Thanks to her surprise showing at the 2021 State Finals, Eliza came into the year as one of the higher ranked returners. Her 19:28 then was one of a few sub-20 efforts. She greatly expanded on her 19 min. 5k portfolio this fall, winning her division at Holly and Whitmore Lake, finishing second in the MIAC, Region 36, and here.

Adelaida Gascho, Johannesburg-Lewiston: After seven months off, racing might feel a bit strange. Adelaida has had two All-State honors in her career, a personal best in the low-19’s. Her senior year has looked a bit different, debuting in late October, running above 21:00. But this was the role the Cardinals needed her to be in. She ran consistent 6:50’s, moving up throughout the race to be the fastest fourth girl on any team, clinching a state title for Johannesburg-Lewiston.

Madi Hare, Plymouth Christian Academy: As the girls races commenced, the winds began to howl, the personal bests all but impossible. Well, except for Madi, one of five girls to run their best time ever. That personal best was part of a late season surge, where she’s raced under 21:00 in four of her final six races, placing top-10 in the MIAC and Region 33, then 11th here.

Gracy Walker, Kingston: Although the top 10 girls teams largely remained static throughout the year, Kingston was one that was on a championship season rise. The Cardinals won the NCTL and Region 35, finished third at Thumb Area, and fourth here. As Kingston has ascended, as has Gracy. Prior to October, much of her year was spent above 22:00. Her regional effort may have been her best time-wise, but her performance at MIS was easily the most impressive. Her 20:33 gave Gracy her second consecutive All-State.

Natalie Gibbs, Birmingham Roeper: Early on, it appeared Natalie might not recapture the freshman form that led her to a 23rd place finish. Over 22:00 at Holly and Oakland County, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. But beginning in mid-October, she began to put it together, racking up a bunch of mid-20 efforts, leading to another incredible State Finals, where the Roeper sophomore brought home her second All-State medal.

Aiden Harrand, Buckley: Aiden has racked up track titles, three in her first two years, but the cross-country championship has eluded her. Supported by her little team, she was undefeated against D4 competition all year. That winning streak continued onto State, where she quickly disposed of the competition en route to a 15 second victory.

Adjustment: +5

11Aiden Harrand19:05.9Buckley136.4
10Eliza Keith19:20.0Auburn Hills Oakland Christian131.7
10Allie Nowak19:20.8Johannesburg-Lewiston131.4
9Carina Burchi19:22.2Whitmore Lake130.9
11Ava Teed19:55.9Allen Park Cabrini119.7
9Sadie Schout20:00.9Libertas Christian118.1
9Yolanda Gascho20:04.2Johannesburg-Lewiston116.9
12Petra Foote20:05.2Grand Traverse Academy116.6
9Rowan Allen20:10.9Mendon114.7
12Megan Roberts20:11.0Hillsdale Academy114.7
9Madi Hare20:11.4Plymouth Christian Academy114.5
12Erika Van Loton20:12.0Huron Valley Lutheran114.3
10Izzy Brooks20:13.6Adrian Lenawee Christian113.8
9Ruth Brownlee20:16.6Hillsdale Academy112.8
10Ella Knudsen20:19.8Leland111.7
11Allison Glendening20:23.7St. Joseph Our Lady of the Lake Catholic110.4
10Natalie Gibbs20:26.2Birmingham Roeper109.6
10Ava Mallar20:27.4Pittsford109.2
11Isabella Yeoman20:29.1Genesee108.7
11Leah Zarrilli20:29.9Auburn Hills Oakland Christian108.4
10Juniper Rodham20:31.7Harbor Springs107.8
9Cieara Barrett20:31.9Concord107.7
12Ashlyn Kephart20:32.5Lansing Christian107.5
11Gracy Walker20:33.0Kingston107.4
11Natalie Meadows20:33.1Whitmore Lake107.3
9Lauren Niedzielski20:33.7Mason County Eastern107.1
10Lucy Shoup20:35.2Mason County Eastern106.6
11Miriam Murrell20:35.6Gaylord St. Mary106.5
11Brooke Smith20:37.3Pittsford105.9
10Hannah Geaney20:38.6Wyoming Potter’s House105.5
12Mackenzie Lemke20:49.7Rochester Hills Lutheran NW101.8
12Anna Mitchell20:52.5Lake Leelanau St. Mary100.8
9Lilah Kiley20:52.8Kingston100.8
10Stephanie Hernandez20:52.9Addison100.7
12Helana Napiorkowski20:55.3Austin Catholic99.9
12Maze Gusa20:55.5Ubly99.8
12Sydney Van Es20:56.8Kalamazoo Hackett99.4
12Grace Thorpe20:57.0Harbor Springs99.3
12Kaylee Locke21:01.3Beal City97.9
10Jane Manthei21:02.1Petoskey St. Michael97.6
10Presley Allen21:02.6Mendon97.5
10Ella Walton21:05.3Hillsdale Academy96.6
9Madison Cooley21:06.1Gobles96.3
12Julia Jones21:09.0Grand Traverse Academy95.3
12Gabriella Reinbold21:09.3Unionville-Sebewaing95.2
10Isabelle Eppert21:10.3Farwell94.9
10Abigail Davis21:13.5Vestaburg93.8
9Taylor Wiegand21:15.9Livingston Christian93
11Madalyn Agren21:17.1Johannesburg-Lewiston92.7
12Sophia Sanford21:18.1Deckerville92.3
12Ariana Rodriguez21:20.7Leland91.4
11Josie Dubuc21:21.1Novi Christian Academy91.3
10Kyra Beemer21:24.4Brown City90.2
12Adelaida Gascho21:26.9Johannesburg-Lewiston89.4
9Addison Chownyk21:27.8Frankfort89.1
10Meeghan Flikkie21:29.5Kingston88.5
9Molly Walker21:31.8Kingston87.7
11Rosalinda Gascho21:32.2Johannesburg-Lewiston87.6
10Reece Wruble21:32.4Harbor Beach87.5
12Madeleine Barge21:32.9Rochester Hills Lutheran NW87.4
9Emersyn Bachelder21:34.0Morenci87
11Alberta Reinbold21:35.0Unionville-Sebewaing86.7
9Brooklynn Frazee21:37.0Buckley86
12Julia Troxel21:37.7Rochester Hills Lutheran NW85.8
10Mya Denoyer21:37.8Leland85.7
10Ada Grubaugh21:38.7Frankfort85.4
10Erica Walker21:40.1Clarkston Everest Collegiate85
10Kelcie Pung21:40.3Fowler84.9
9Lizzie Bassett21:40.9Harbor Springs84.7
9Ally Schmitz21:41.2Breckenridge84.6
9Abby Brownlee21:41.7Hillsdale Academy84.4
11Jacqueline Morton21:42.0Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart84.3
12Natalie Zochowski21:42.6Johannesburg-Lewiston84.1
11Ivy Andreas21:45.2Wyoming Potter’s House83.3
12Whitney Wilkinson21:45.9Hillsdale Academy83
12Aliz Pusztai21:48.3Libertas Christian82.2
9Elodie Weaver21:50.3Whitmore Lake81.6
9Kaya Rose21:50.6Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart81.5
10Tara Shouldice21:53.0Harbor Springs80.7
9Katie Sweeney21:54.9Ubly80
12Autumn Wakefield21:57.3Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary79.2
9Sofia Robertson21:58.8Whitmore Lake78.7
10Taylor Lautermilch22:03.4Camden-Frontier77.2
10Ava Wilson22:03.7Fruitport Calvary Christian77.1
10Brooke Sonnenberg22:04.1Genesee Christian Academy77
12Dani VanLente22:04.6Tekonsha76.8
12Brooke Craven22:05.2Whitmore Lake76.6
11Abby Rice22:07.3Rochester Hills Lutheran NW75.9
10Elke Knauf22:07.7East Jordan75.8
12Anna Wolfe22:09.2Frankfort75.3
11Abby Kunkle22:11.5Libertas Christian74.5
11Lilli Stanzel22:11.6Colon74.5
11Morgan McNally22:12.3Acad Of The Sacred Heart74.2
10Sarah Nimtz22:12.4Unionville-Sebewaing74.2
12Cally Camara22:12.7Muskegon Catholic Central74.1
11Mya Guillermo22:12.8Novi Christian Academy74.1
12Abigail Guza22:13.6Ubly73.8
11Kendall Zaliwski22:14.2Rochester Hills Lutheran NW73.6
10Riley McCumber22:14.8Pittsford73.4
9Emma Riker22:16.6Kalamazoo Hackett72.8
10Isobel Malcolm22:17.1Royal Oak Shrine72.6
10Mary Riley22:18.7St. Joseph Our Lady of the Lake Catholic72.1
12Bridgette Duncan22:18.9Leland72
12Christine Whitaker22:20.6East Jordan71.5
12Alyse Felix22:22.4Clarkston Everest Collegiate70.9
11Cora Mullins22:23.1Johannesburg-Lewiston70.6
12Natalie Malczyk22:23.4Huron Valley Lutheran70.5
9Shenoah Collier22:24.6Grand Traverse Academy70.1
10Danica Aldrich22:24.6Breckenridge70.1
11Lily Lemanski22:26.4Marlette69.5
11Olivia Wing22:27.1Mason County Eastern69.3
12Luciana Bunker22:28.8Indian River Inland Lakes68.7
12Lauren Fenstermaker22:29.4Indian River Inland Lakes68.6
9Madisyn Smith22:29.5Allen Park Cabrini68.5
10Brielle Voorhees22:35.4Tri-unity Christian66.5
10Rose Losey22:37.3Royal Oak Shrine65.9
11Lily Finnigan22:37.6Dryden65.8
9Kinsey Peer22:37.8Buckley65.7
12Cozette Brown22:38.0Portland St. Patrick65.7
8Veronica Paga22:39.1Petoskey St. Michael65.3
10Caroline Roberts22:41.4Hillsdale Academy64.5
12Hadyn Armstrong22:43.4Beal City63.9
9Addisen Harrand22:44.0Buckley63.7
12Olivia Ortell22:44.3Jackson Preparatory63.6
11Addie Curtis22:44.4Marcellus63.5
12Lily Deja22:46.6Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart62.8
9Fran Warren22:46.7Harbor Springs62.8
12Raini Sponseller22:47.7Farwell62.4
11Zoe Van Rijn22:48.3Kingston62.2
11Eve Herrgott22:48.4Clarkston Everest Collegiate62.2
11Karis Keith22:48.9Auburn Hills Oakland Christian62
10Cambree Torma22:49.6Unionville-Sebewaing61.8
9Raley Keith22:50.8Auburn Hills Oakland Christian61.4
12Olivia Peter22:51.1Unionville-Sebewaing61.3
12Josie Baker22:51.9Harbor Springs61
10Madison Sallows22:52.0Hillsdale Academy61
11Ciara Parsons22:52.3Whitmore Lake60.9
9Shelby Wisnowski22:52.6Charlton Heston Academy60.8
10Annaliese Losey22:55.1Royal Oak Shrine60
12Lauren Green22:55.7Unionville-Sebewaing59.8
10Aubrey Appleman22:56.0Britton Deerfield59.7
12Larissa Huffman22:57.2Mackinaw City59.3
10McKenzie Bowman22:57.2Harbor Springs59.3
12Grace Piggott22:58.7Fowler58.8
12Riley Sinkler22:59.1Lawrence58.6
12Dalay Ojeda22:59.6Adrian Lenawee Christian58.5
10Chloe Surhigh23:00.1Royal Oak Shrine58.3
12Michaela Kurth23:00.2Lutheran HS Westland58.3
11Sydney Feagan23:02.7Petoskey St. Michael57.4
11Paige Bell23:05.4Grand Traverse Academy56.5
9Katelyn Van Es23:06.2Kalamazoo Hackett56.3
11Riley Adams23:07.7Concord55.8
12Maura Gum23:08.7Royal Oak Shrine55.4
12Zoey Breznik23:10.2Adrian Lenawee Christian54.9
11Tori Most23:10.7Breckenridge54.8
12Vanessa Peltoniemi23:11.1Holton54.6
9Julianne Mounce23:12.4Kalamazoo Hackett54.2
12Emma McKinley23:14.7Gaylord St. Mary53.4
9Acacia Williams23:15.4Holland Calvary Christian53.2
10Isabella Nelson-Daniels23:16.5Whitmore Lake52.8
12Emma Burrell23:18.7Rochester Hills Lutheran NW52.1
12Kassidy Kleinheksel23:26.3Muskegon Catholic Central49.6
10Lilly Leppert23:27.2Beal City49.3
9Hailey McGuire23:30.6Kingston48.1
11Carissa Shedd23:30.6Tekonsha48.1
10Jessica Penrod23:37.1Vestaburg46
10Lauryn Licari23:37.1Beal City46
10Abby Ulbrich23:37.2Kalamazoo Hackett45.9
10Julia Silva23:37.5Farwell45.8
12Corinne Ritter23:39.7Lansing Christian45.1
10Rita Luhring23:41.1Rochester Hills Lutheran NW44.6
11Grace O’Hare23:41.8Fowler44.4
11Abby Schrauben23:42.3St. Joseph Our Lady of the Lake Catholic44.2
10Addyson Thormeier23:44.0Farwell43.7
10Nataly Vine23:47.6Breckenridge42.5
11Leah Rorick23:49.3Morenci41.9
11Macey Burgess23:51.6Colon41.1
12Stephanie Suran23:52.9Clarkston Everest Collegiate40.7
11Leah Kroge23:56.9Auburn Hills Oakland Christian39.4
10Jamielynn Delarye23:58.2White Pigeon38.9
12Milla Klomp24:03.7Buckley37.1
10Olivia Leahy24:05.1Clarkston Everest Collegiate36.6
10Priya Mericle24:06.4East Jackson36.2
10Brianna Locke24:07.5Beal City35.8
11Alleah Dix24:09.7Grand Traverse Academy35.1
9Aribel Mills24:09.9St. Joseph Our Lady of the Lake Catholic35
12Meg Gleeson24:10.4Royal Oak Shrine34.9
12Emily Folkert24:12.8Libertas Christian34.1
11Ava Butera24:13.3Grand Traverse Academy33.9
11Lillie Tscirhart24:13.6Grand Traverse Academy33.8
10Hannah Stimer24:16.4Concord32.9
11Isabelle Schrauben24:16.8St. Joseph Our Lady of the Lake Catholic32.7
9Marisa Toonstra24:20.3Wyoming Potter’s House31.6
11Mimi Hibbard24:23.1St Philip Catholic Central30.6
12Remi Sponseller24:27.3Farwell29.2
11Lydia VerBeek24:28.6Wyoming Potter’s House28.8
9Paige Zeigler24:30.4Kalamazoo Hackett28.2
11Emily Greyerbiehl24:39.6Ubly25.1
11Sydney Amondson24:46.1Wyoming Potter’s House23
9Taylor Zinsmaster24:49.6Mendon21.8
12Lilly Backus24:51.6Beal City21.1
10Hannah Hysell24:53.8St. Joseph Our Lady of the Lake Catholic20.4
11Amabel Schwaiger24:59.6Leland18.5
11Kate Wehrman24:59.8Libertas Christian18.4
10Megan Peter25:02.5Unionville-Sebewaing17.5
10Tess Tillman25:04.5Royal Oak Shrine16.8
9Kayla Milarch25:10.3Buckley14.9
9Bethany Carpenter25:11.4Kalamazoo Hackett14.5
10Natalie Cross25:15.8Clarkston Everest Collegiate13.1
12Jessie Burns25:17.8Clarkston Everest Collegiate12.4
9Kylie Bobo25:21.1Wyoming Potter’s House11.3
10Bella Davis25:23.4Beal City10.5
10Nowell Van Rijn25:28.2Kingston8.9
12Emilee Jagielski25:28.7Pittsford8.8
11Natalie Halloway25:32.4Buckley7.5
9Evalynne Bell25:33.8Farwell7.1
10Areyel Weiss25:36.1Breckenridge6.3
11Rebecca Smith25:36.9Fowler6
11Aran Harris25:42.2Ubly4.3
12Sara Kooistra25:46.2Wyoming Potter’s House2.9

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