2022 State Preview: Hurdles

Pole Vault

The Pole Vault preview gives a good summation of what’s going on here. But basically, I’m taking a season’s worth of performances and using those to determine odds for scoring, All-State, and 1st place. The aim is to be better than just using one’s PR and to take into consideration one’s consistency.

Division 4

Boys 110h

This is someone’s average place through 100 simulations.

NameTeamAvg. Score
Alexander StollColon7.23
James HunterHolton5.52
Cavanaugh BarkerCarson City-Crystal4.31
Josiah HallJohannesburg-Lewiston2.91
William BrownDeckerville2.67
Gavin RyesonEverest Collegiate2.58
Nathan HerrmannPetersburg-Summerfield2.52
David RichardsHillsdale Academy2.46
Luke WitteLutheran Westland2.22
Aquavius McInteyreInternational Academy of Flint1.28
Omarion CulliverConcord1.15
Skylar MorganLutheran Westland1.11
Logan MuellerUbly1.10
AJ SimonColeman0.51
Josh AllenMt. Clemens0.42
Jadyn BrownCassopolis Ross Beatty0.34
Charley MartinMartin0.30
Trace JuergensFairview0.17
Mason SalisburyMarion0.15
Ethan CammengaFruitport Calvary Christian0.05
Tucker BrownMaple City Glen Lake0.00

These are the odds of an athlete placing All-State. Athletes being ranked higher here will have a greater consistency of high-level performances throughout the season.

NameTeamAll-State %
Alexander StollColon99
James HunterHolton91
Cavanaugh BarkerCarson City-Crystal85
Josiah HallJohannesburg-Lewiston77
Gavin RyesonEverest Collegiate63
Nathan HerrmannPetersburg-Summerfield55
William BrownDeckerville51
Luke WitteLutheran Westland51
David RichardsHillsdale Academy49
Omarion CulliverConcord32
Logan MuellerUbly32
Skylar MorganLutheran Westland24
Aquavius McInteyreInternational Academy of Flint21
AJ SimonColeman21
Charley MartinMartin13
Trace JuergensFairview10

These are the odds of someone winning the whole dang thing. Athletes ranked in here will have had extremely high-level performances throughout the year.

NameTeamWin %
Alexander StollColon30
James HunterHolton14
Cavanaugh BarkerCarson City-Crystal9
Nathan HerrmannPetersburg-Summerfield8
David RichardsHillsdale Academy8
Aquavius McInteyreInternational Academy of Flint8
William BrownDeckerville5

Boys 300h

NameTeamAvg. Score
Nathan HerrmannPetersburg-Summerfield6.04
Cavanaugh BarkerCarson City-Crystal5.26
Landon BennettAthens4.64
Skylar MorganLutheran Westland3.72
David RichardsHillsdale Academy2.85
Tayshawn BesterReading2.38
Gavin RyesonEverest Collegiate1.96
James HunterHolton1.80
Luke WitteLutheran Westland1.59
Logan MuellerUbly1.46
Alexander StollColon1.33
Ethan CammengaFruitport Calvary Christian1.21
William BrownDeckerville1.02
Josiah HallJohannesburg-Lewiston0.95
Steven VanConantPeck0.70
Deven PawlowskiMesick0.52
Josh AllenMt. Clemens0.51

NameTeamAll-State %
Landon BennettAthens99
Cavanaugh BarkerCarson City-Crystal84
Skylar MorganLutheran Westland84
Nathan HerrmannPetersburg-Summerfield78
Tayshawn BesterReading76
David RichardsHillsdale Academy65
Luke WitteLutheran Westland37
Gavin RyesonEverest Collegiate33
James HunterHolton33
Ethan CammengaFruitport Calvary Christian32
Josiah HallJohannesburg-Lewiston28
Logan MuellerUbly27
William BrownDeckerville25
Alexander StollColon22
Steven VanConantPeck21
Deven PawlowskiMesick12

NameTeamWin %
Nathan HerrmannPetersburg-Summerfield39
Cavanaugh BarkerCarson City-Crystal20
Alexander StollColon6
David RichardsHillsdale Academy5
James HunterHolton5

Girls 100h

NameTeamAvg. Score
Jocelyn HallAthens8.41
Larissa HuffmanIndian River Inland Lakes5.39
Brynn MericleEast Jackson4.47
Allison WichertVestaburg2.96
Kyla WiersemaMuskegon Western Mich. Christian1.83
Maddie WiersemaMuskegon Western Mich. Christian1.83
Alexiss GuigarUbly1.76
Anna PlumMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart1.75
Rosalinda GaschoJohannesburg-Lewiston1.50
Ava MallarPittsford1.22
Ceana WashingtonFlint Beecher1.10
Olivia WingMason County Eastern1.01
Sofia SalinasBirmingham Roeper0.92
Reva LanceFowler0.82
Molly BrownAddison0.79
Gemma LerchenMaple City Glen Lake0.76
Madi SimpsonMarcellus0.61
Lizzy RomelPosen0.58
Charlotte TerbrackRoyal Oak Shrine0.51
Presley BartleyFrankfort0.50

NameTeamAll-State %
Jocelyn HallAthens99
Brynn MericleEast Jackson77
Larissa HuffmanIndian River Inland Lakes76
Allison WichertVestaburg76
Anna PlumMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart50
Alexiss GuigarUbly47
Maddie WiersemaMuskegon Western Mich. Christian43
Rosalinda GaschoJohannesburg-Lewiston42
Olivia WingMason County Eastern33
Kyla WiersemaMuskegon Western Mich. Christian32
Ava MallarPittsford31
Gemma LerchenMaple City Glen Lake26
Lizzy RomelPosen24
Sofia SalinasBirmingham Roeper22
Reva LanceFowler22
Ceana WashingtonFlint Beecher21
Molly BrownAddison21
Madi SimpsonMarcellus20
Charlotte TerbrackRoyal Oak Shrine19
Presley BartleyFrankfort10

NameTeamWin %
Jocelyn HallAthens45
Larissa HuffmanIndian River Inland Lakes25
Brynn MericleEast Jackson9
Kyla WiersemaMuskegon Western Mich. Christian6

Girls 300h

NameTeamAvg. Score
Anna PlumMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart6.41
Brynn MericleEast Jackson5.93
Larissa HuffmanIndian River Inland Lakes5.31
Allison WichertVestaburg4.83
Ava MallarPittsford3.22
Molly BrownAddison2.94
Sophia SchraubenPortland St. Patrick2.50
Rosalinda GaschoJohannesburg-Lewiston1.48
Leah RorickMorenci1.41
Sofia SalinasBirmingham Roeper1.17
Olivia WingMason County Eastern0.66
Megan VerMerrisThe Potter’s House0.61
Alexiss GuigarUbly0.60
Ava BenkoRiverview Gabriel Richard0.58

NameTeamAll-State %
Larissa HuffmanIndian River Inland Lakes98
Anna PlumMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart93
Allison WichertVestaburg93
Brynn MericleEast Jackson89
Ava MallarPittsford72
Sophia SchraubenPortland St. Patrick59
Rosalinda GaschoJohannesburg-Lewiston52
Molly BrownAddison50
Sofia SalinasBirmingham Roeper35
Leah RorickMorenci29
Olivia WingMason County Eastern21
Alexiss GuigarUbly19
Megan VerMerrisThe Potter’s House15
Jenna BoyeLutheran Westland14
Carly HendershotMayville13
Tamerah PetersonSterling Heights Parkway Christian13
Sophia PeterDryden12
Ava BenkoRiverview Gabriel Richard11

NameTeamWin %
Brynn MericleEast Jackson29
Anna PlumMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart26
Allison WichertVestaburg11
Molly BrownAddison10
Larissa HuffmanIndian River Inland Lakes8
Leah RorickMorenci6

Division 3

Boys 110h

Hans Ross, from Saginaw Valley Lutheran will compete in a number of events on Saturday. High jump, relays, the high hurdles. He’s been battling what possibly could be a stress fracture, but he endured the pain to help his team.

NameTeamAvg. Score
Benny DiazSaugatuck8.32
Corey SchaferPewamo-Westphalia5.50
Trevon ReddingWarren Michigan Collegiate5.09
Holden van PoppelNapoleon3.89
Louden MurbachErie Mason2.10
Jack EasterdayGrass Lake1.98
Deshaun WilliamsDetroit Voyageur1.83
Grant WheatonLakeview1.45
Blake DaggyReed City1.39
Wyatt AllbeeClare1.27
Tyler BrouilletBenzie Central1.27
Taurian DortyUniversity Liggett1.26
Brice VanZantHillsdale1.02
Mitchell VaskeCharyl Stockwell Academy0.93
Hans RossSaginaw Valley Lutheran0.64

NameTeamAll-State %
Corey SchaferPewamo-Westphalia99
Benny DiazSaugatuck97
Trevon ReddingWarren Michigan Collegiate97
Holden van PoppelNapoleon87
Louden MurbachErie Mason57
Jack EasterdayGrass Lake56
Wyatt AllbeeClare38
Deshaun WilliamsDetroit Voyageur37
Brice VanZantHillsdale35
Tyler BrouilletBenzie Central34
Blake DaggyReed City33
Taurian DortyUniversity Liggett24
Mitchell VaskeCharyl Stockwell Academy21
Hans RossSaginaw Valley Lutheran20
Grant WheatonLakeview18
Trace EnglemannCaro16
Logan MilesBad Axe13

NameTeamWin %
Benny DiazSaugatuck61
Grant WheatonLakeview11
Trevon ReddingWarren Michigan Collegiate6
Deshaun WilliamsDetroit Voyageur5

Boys 300h

NameTeamAvg. Score
Benny DiazSaugatuck8.37
Corey SchaferPewamo-Westphalia6.34
Trevon ReddingWarren Michigan Collegiate4.74
Sean DeLeonAdrian Madison4.71
Jack EasterdayGrass Lake2.93
Tyrone BrouilletBenzie Central2.05
Mathew JohnstonHemlock1.72
Holden Van PoppelNapoleon1.62
Colin HagermanBath1.42
Wyatt AllbeeClare1.39
Brad ElkinsKalkaska1.11
Britain PhilipBuchanan0.83
Riley ParkerCaro0.76

NameTeamAll-State %
Corey SchaferPewamo-Westphalia99
Benny DiazSaugatuck97
Sean DeLeonAdrian Madison86
Trevon ReddingWarren Michigan Collegiate82
Jack EasterdayGrass Lake67
Wyatt AllbeeClare61
Holden Van PoppelNapoleon60
Tyrone BrouilletBenzie Central57
Brad ElkinsKalkaska46
Mathew JohnstonHemlock39
Colin HagermanBath31
Riley ParkerCaro24
Britain PhilipBuchanan17
Zachary VanBarenGrand Rapids Covenant Christian16

NameTeamWin %
Benny DiazSaugatuck66
Sean DeLeonAdrian Madison11
Corey SchaferPewamo-Westphalia10
Trevon ReddingWarren Michigan Collegiate8

Girls 100h

NameTeamAvg. Score
Saige MartinPewamo-Westphalia7.85
Katelynn DixGrand Traverse Academy5.70
MaryAlice LynchMonroe St. Mary CC4.63
Gabrielle BowenCentreville4.11
Ava HartonClare2.32
Mazie RobisonSaugatuck1.92
Anna HuizingaManistee1.76
Sarah GrayReese1.64
Rianna VincentHillsdale1.41
Kenna BarberClare1.37
Isabella LangmaidCaro1.20
Katie SmithPewamo-Westphalia1.13
Jessica KozlowskiOvid-Elsie0.82
Addison CotaTawas0.74
Alexis GirolamiLawton0.68
Emily ZelinkoSt. Charles0.63
Nevada GillonsUnion City0.54

NameTeamAll-State %
MaryAlice LynchMonroe St. Mary CC99
Saige MartinPewamo-Westphalia91
Gabrielle BowenCentreville89
Katelynn DixGrand Traverse Academy83
Ava HartonClare58
Sarah GrayReese54
Anna HuizingaManistee41
Kenna BarberClare38
Mazie RobisonSaugatuck35
Isabella LangmaidCaro34
Rianna VincentHillsdale32
Katie SmithPewamo-Westphalia31
Alexis GirolamiLawton23
Jessica KozlowskiOvid-Elsie21
Nevada GillonsUnion City20
Addison CotaTawas17
Emily ZelinkoSt. Charles14
Amanda CedarquistMontague12

NameTeamWin %
Saige MartinPewamo-Westphalia56
Katelynn DixGrand Traverse Academy23
Mazie RobisonSaugatuck9

Girls 300h

Anna Huizinga moved to Manistee from New Mexico over last summer. She tried the 300 hurdles for the first time a few weeks ago. Her consistency in the few races she’s performed in gives her a high ranking here.

Last year, as a freshman for Ottawa Lake-Whiteford, Annabelle Gapp finished 5th in Division 4 and progressed down into the high 40’s. This year has been tough many times in the 55+ range, nothing close to her prior form. But regionals was something different, where she ran a 52.13, a 2.5+ second season best, winning Region 26 and extending her season.

NameTeamAvg. Score
Anna HuizingaManistee6.06
Libby MunderlohSt. Louis5.97
Kennedy RossOnsted5.60
Saige MartinPewamo-Westphalia3.95
Katelynn DixGrand Traverse Academy3.73
Addison CotaTawas2.38
Sarah GrayReese1.94
Jaiden HayesBronson1.72
Taryn PrestonKent City1.62
Taylor SheridanEast Jordan1.51
Katie SmithPewamo-Westphalia1.07
Jeriah CollinsWarren Michigan Collegiate0.85
Monika BorieSt. Louis0.78
Kaylei SmithOnsted0.76
Gabrielle BowenCentreville0.59

NameTeamAll-State %
Anna HuizingaManistee99
Libby MunderlohSt. Louis98
Kennedy RossOnsted88
Katelynn DixGrand Traverse Academy88
Saige MartinPewamo-Westphalia83
Sarah GrayReese65
Addison CotaTawas49
Taryn PrestonKent City37
Katie SmithPewamo-Westphalia36
Taylor SheridanEast Jordan34
Jaiden HayesBronson26
Monika BorieSt. Louis21
Gabrielle BowenCentreville20
Kaylei SmithOnsted16
Mazie RobisonSaugatuck16
Jeriah CollinsWarren Michigan Collegiate14

NameTeamWin %
Kennedy RossOnsted22
Libby MunderlohSt. Louis19
Anna HuizingaManistee11
Saige MartinPewamo-Westphalia10
Jaiden HayesBronson10
Addison CotaTawas9
Taylor SheridanEast Jordan5
Jeriah CollinsWarren Michigan Collegiate5

Division 2

Boys 110h

NameTeamAvg. Score
Lance RiddleSparta6.27
Patrick AdamsAllendale5.76
Jaden HerrickCorunna4.67
Jaxson ToberSpring Lake3.25
Tyler BakerMason3.08
Zach SpradlinMilan2.57
Teon ParksDetroit King2.21
Jonathan AbrahamDetroit Country Day1.87
Tyler HufnagelOwosso1.73
Miles FichtnerNew Boston Huron1.30
Avery TimmPetoskey1.24
Caleb SmithLudington1.11
Jacob PotterForest Hills Eastern0.99
Colton ProctorSt. Clair0.98
Jacob PeguraEdwardsburg0.64
Clay CurriganIonia0.52

NameTeamAll-State %
Lance RiddleSparta92
Patrick AdamsAllendale92
Jaden HerrickCorunna85
Jaxson ToberSpring Lake74
Tyler BakerMason74
Zach SpradlinMilan70
Miles FichtnerNew Boston Huron45
Teon ParksDetroit King38
Jonathan AbrahamDetroit Country Day35
Colton ProctorSt. Clair33
Avery TimmPetoskey29
Caleb SmithLudington26
Jacob PotterForest Hills Eastern25
Tyler HufnagelOwosso20
Jacob PeguraEdwardsburg17
Clay CurriganIonia13
Logan LipkaFrankenmuth12
Mason MolekOlivet12

NameTeamWin %
Lance RiddleSparta24
Patrick AdamsAllendale24
Jaden HerrickCorunna14
Tyler HufnagelOwosso12
Teon ParksDetroit King8
Jonathan AbrahamDetroit Country Day7
Jaxson ToberSpring Lake6

Boys 300h

NameTeamAvg. Score
Patrick AdamsAllendale5.46
Travis BrennerFrankenmuth3.77
Lincoln RaczkowskiParma Western3.28
Joben SaylesCarleton Airport3.25
Colton ProctorSt. Clair2.73
Mason MolekOlivet2.68
Jacob ZartmanOtsego2.43
Owen AlderinkHamilton2.16
Lance RiddleSparta1.76
Jacob PotterForest Hills Eastern1.68
Kyle CoenenArmada1.52
Tyler HufnagelOwosso1.49
Tavion ChavezMuskegon Orchard View1.37
Corey WebbDetroit King1.13
Lucas PasternakPinckney1.07
Cooper McCastleSt. Johns1.02
Caleb SmithLudington0.77
Teon ParksDetroit King0.56

NameTeamAll-State %
Travis BrennerFrankenmuth76
Patrick AdamsAllendale71
Lincoln RaczkowskiParma Western66
Joben SaylesCarleton Airport65
Mason MolekOlivet56
Jacob ZartmanOtsego54
Colton ProctorSt. Clair52
Owen AlderinkHamilton52
Jacob PotterForest Hills Eastern45
Lucas PasternakPinckney33
Tavion ChavezMuskegon Orchard View32
Lance RiddleSparta30
Corey WebbDetroit King28
Kyle CoenenArmada27
Tyler HufnagelOwosso25
Cooper McCastleSt. Johns22
Teon ParksDetroit King22
Caleb SmithLudington19
Russell HushGaylord13
Jacob PeguraEdwardsburg10

NameTeamWin %
Patrick AdamsAllendale33
Lance RiddleSparta9
Lincoln RaczkowskiParma Western7
Joben SaylesCarleton Airport6
Kyle CoenenArmada6
Tyler HufnagelOwosso6
Colton ProctorSt. Clair5
Tavion ChavezMuskegon Orchard View5

Girls 100h

NameTeamAvg. Score
Ella JenkinsWarren Regina8.93
Leila WellsChelsea6.15
Violeta SanmarinoGrand Rapids Christian4.22
Riley GillMason3.65
Makayla NeelandsClio3.31
Frances HoffmanEast Grand Rapids2.08
Lizzie HainesGladwin1.92
Alayna NowikArmada1.59
Sarah LitzFowlerville1.27
Charley KlintWhitehall1.11
Haven VasoldFreeland1.07
Kennedy ChristoffersonFremont0.96
Lizzy KoratichSpring Lake0.90
Trysta HiltonMiddleville Thornapple Kellogg0.77

NameTeamAll-State %
Ella JenkinsWarren Regina99
Leila WellsChelsea99
Makayla NeelandsClio92
Violeta SanmarinoGrand Rapids Christian72
Riley GillMason67
Frances HoffmanEast Grand Rapids53
Lizzie HainesGladwin53
Sarah LitzFowlerville39
Haven VasoldFreeland39
Kennedy ChristoffersonFremont33
Alayna NowikArmada29
Charley KlintWhitehall29
Trysta HiltonMiddleville Thornapple Kellogg27
Lizzy KoratichSpring Lake26
Jasmin WilliamsBerrien Springs19
Brianna RhodeaTecumseh10

NameTeamWin %
Ella JenkinsWarren Regina68
Riley GillMason14
Violeta SanmarinoGrand Rapids Christian7
Alayna NowikArmada6

Girls 300h

NameTeamAvg. Score
Ella JenkinsWarren Regina9.32
Keneisha ThomasMadison Heights Lamphere5.32
Frances HoffmanEast Grand Rapids3.53
Hannah SchroederAllendale2.68
Annabelle DensmoreCharlotte2.66
Kaydince DonahueRiverview2.44
Madelyn BarbourNew Boston Huron2.28
Trysta HiltonMiddleville Thornapple Kellogg2.18
Riley GillMason1.87
Jenna GaulBirch Run1.62
Sarah LitzFowlerville1.12
Makenna RautioBig Rapids0.89
Paige McDonaldThree Rivers0.68
Avionna WilliamsDetroit King0.63
Violeta SanmarinoGrand Rapids Christian0.60

NameTeamAll-State %
Ella JenkinsWarren Regina99
Hannah SchroederAllendale85
Frances HoffmanEast Grand Rapids83
Keneisha ThomasMadison Heights Lamphere78
Annabelle DensmoreCharlotte68
Kaydince DonahueRiverview59
Trysta HiltonMiddleville Thornapple Kellogg58
Madelyn BarbourNew Boston Huron57
Riley GillMason32
Jenna GaulBirch Run31
Makenna RautioBig Rapids31
Sarah LitzFowlerville30
Violeta SanmarinoGrand Rapids Christian22
Paige McDonaldThree Rivers18
Lauren WooerKingsley17
Avionna WilliamsDetroit King10
Makayla NeelandsClio10

NameTeamWin %
Ella JenkinsWarren Regina68
Keneisha ThomasMadison Heights Lamphere20
Jenna GaulBirch Run5

Division 1

Boys 110h

NameTeamAvg. Score
Armon HowardRochester Adams6.67
Kayenn MabinKalamazoo Central5.97
Joshua HurtEast Kentwood4.59
Brayden KennedyHighland-Milford3.26
Blake VierRoyal Oak2.96
Melik WilliamsYpsilanti Lincoln2.96
Michael Piggee Jr.Muskegon2.15
Jaivon SmithAnn Arbor Pioneer1.48
Seneca MooreHolt1.27
Mattheu MorrisonAnchor Bay1.26
Myles HuntleyCanton1.19
Joseph ThedeLake Orion1.09
Christian EllisonFlint Carman-Ainsworth1.06
Elijah DotsonUD Jesuit0.94
Spencer TherrianZeeland West0.87
Jayden SlaughterUtica0.57

NameTeamAll-State %
Kayenn MabinKalamazoo Central98
Armon HowardRochester Adams96
Joshua HurtEast Kentwood91
Blake VierRoyal Oak69
Brayden KennedyHighland-Milford61
Melik WilliamsYpsilanti Lincoln51
Jaivon SmithAnn Arbor Pioneer41
Seneca MooreHolt40
Mattheu MorrisonAnchor Bay35
Myles HuntleyCanton35
Joseph ThedeLake Orion34
Christian EllisonFlint Carman-Ainsworth34
Elijah DotsonUD Jesuit28
Michael Piggee Jr.Muskegon27
Spencer TherrianZeeland West21
Ben SchlackLivonia Stevenson13
Jayden SlaughterUtica11

NameTeamWin %
Armon HowardRochester Adams27
Michael Piggee Jr.Muskegon18
Kayenn MabinKalamazoo Central14
Melik WilliamsYpsilanti Lincoln11
Brayden KennedyHighland-Milford8
Blake VierRoyal Oak6

Boys 300h

NameTeamAvg. Score
Tamaal Myers IICass Tech8.55
Brayden KennedyHighland-Milford4.78
Jaylin HolmesEast Kentwood4.77
Armon HowardRochester Adams3.54
Kayenn MabinKalamazoo Central3.48
Jordon ClerkleyHolt2.67
Renard RichmondDetroit Cass Tech1.83
Seneca MooreHolt1.74
Jacob BissellRockford1.70
Jaylen GilmoreFarmington1.54
Matheu MorrisonAnchor Bay1.11
Isaac EasterHolland West Ottawa0.92
Jaivon SmithAnn Arbor Pioneer0.61

NameTeamAll-State %
Tamaal Myers IICass Tech99
Jaylin HolmesEast Kentwood90
Brayden KennedyHighland-Milford89
Jordon ClerkleyHolt77
Kayenn MabinKalamazoo Central71
Armon HowardRochester Adams68
Renard RichmondDetroit Cass Tech61
Seneca MooreHolt45
Jacob BissellRockford36
Jaylen GilmoreFarmington33
Isaac EasterHolland West Ottawa31
Matheu MorrisonAnchor Bay28
Jaivon SmithAnn Arbor Pioneer12
Ethan KraheNorthville12
Jaxson FergusonBrownstown Woodhaven12
Amarion HowardRochester Adams11

NameTeamWin %
Tamaal Myers IICass Tech48
Armon HowardRochester Adams11
Brayden KennedyHighland-Milford10
Jaylin HolmesEast Kentwood8
Jacob BissellRockford7
Kayenn MabinKalamazoo Central5

Girls 100h

NameTeamAvg. Score
Nonah WaldronOak Park7.90
Morgan RoundtreeOak Park5.39
Emon MilesOak Park4.86
Mya GeorgiadisAnn Arbor Huron4.78
Lindsay JohnsonCass Tech2.72
Carrie VanNoyOak Park2.63
Kylei AndersonWalled Lake Central1.96
Selga JansonsGrosse Pointe South1.47
Lauren BurgardMidland Dow1.41
Destini DorkinsRochester Adams1.41
Meredith SouleMonroe1.34
Christabelle ObiAnn Arbor Huron0.63
Jayda WatsonOak Park0.63
Aimee ZangRockford0.50
Mia BarnettClinton Twp. Chippewa Valley0.50

NameTeamAll-State %
Nonah WaldronOak Park96
Emon MilesOak Park88
Morgan RoundtreeOak Park86
Mya GeorgiadisAnn Arbor Huron83
Carrie VanNoyOak Park71
Lindsay JohnsonCass Tech70
Kylei AndersonWalled Lake Central41
Destini DorkinsRochester Adams41
Meredith SouleMonroe41
Lauren BurgardMidland Dow33
Selga JansonsGrosse Pointe South28
Jayda WatsonOak Park27
Aimee ZangRockford26
Christabelle ObiAnn Arbor Huron22
Mia BarnettClinton Twp. Chippewa Valley14
Erica AlbrechtBay City Western12
Micah MartinHarrison Twp. L’Anse Creuse12

NameTeamWin %
Nonah WaldronOak Park50
Mya GeorgiadisAnn Arbor Huron17
Morgan RoundtreeOak Park12
Emon MilesOak Park11

Girls 300h

NameTeamAvg. Score
Nonah WaldronOak Park9.34
Morgan RoundtreeOak Park7.28
Mya GeorgiadisAnn Arbor Huron6.24
Lindsay JohnsonCass Tech3.90
Lauren BickerdtDetroit Renaissance3.37
Grace HungerfordDeWitt2.09
Meredith SouleMonroe1.00
Lauren BurgardMidland Dow0.84
Christabelle ObiAnn Arbor Huron0.68
Drelin MappOak Park0.57
Aimee ZangRockford0.56

NameTeamAll-State %
Nonah WaldronOak Park99
Morgan RoundtreeOak Park99
Mya GeorgiadisAnn Arbor Huron99
Lauren BickerdtDetroit Renaissance93
Lindsay JohnsonCass Tech90
Grace HungerfordDeWitt66
Drelin MappOak Park36
Meredith SouleMonroe30
Lauren BurgardMidland Dow26
Christabelle ObiAnn Arbor Huron22
Aimee ZangRockford22
Emon MilesOak Park21
Destini DorkinsRochester Adams14
Melanie MaciasYpsilanti Lincoln13
Maya GoncalvesYpsilanti Lincoln11
Gabrielle JonesMacomb Dakota11
Kennedy GardnerPortage Central10

NameTeamWin %
Nonah WaldronOak Park68
Morgan RoundtreeOak Park24
Mya GeorgiadisAnn Arbor Huron6

Through the Field and Hurdles

Boys Division 4

Carson City-Crystal41
Beal City14
Lutheran Westland9
White Cloud8
Everest Collegiate7
McBain Northern Michigan Christian6
Hillsdale Academy6
Britton Deerfield6
Flint Beecher6

Girls Division 4

Indian River Inland Lakes20
Kalamazoo Christian19
East Jackson17
Mason County Eastern14
Hillsdale Academy8
Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart8
Muskegon Western Mich. Christian7
White Cloud6
Maple City Glen Lake6

Boys Division 3

Warren Michigan Collegiate17
Traverse City St. Francis12
Mason County Central11
Grass Lake7
Lake City6
Adrian Madison6
Cass City5

Girls Division 3

Sand Creek14
Grand Traverse Academy14
Grand Rapids West Catholic10
St. Louis10
Benzie Central10
Monroe St. Mary CC5

Boys Division 2

Monroe Jefferson19
Zeeland East15
Divine Child12
Detroit King9
Berrien Springs8
Spring Lake7
Hudsonville Unity Christian6
Carleton Airport5
Forest Hills Eastern5
St. Clair5

Girls Division 2

Warren Regina18
Grand Rapids Christian15
Hudsonville Unity Christian14
Zeeland East10
East Grand Rapids8
Grosse Ile7
Marine City7
Saginaw Swan Valley6
Madison Heights Lamphere5
Ortonville Brandon5

Boys Division 1

Battle Creek Lakeview13
East Kentwood12
Kalamazoo Central12
Rochester Adams11
Cass Tech9
Traverse City Central8
Swartz Creek8
Temperance Bedford6
Grand Ledge6
Grand Haven5

Girls Division 1

Oak Park42
Walled Lake Central24
Allen Park17
Ann Arbor Huron13
Harrison Twp. L’Anse Creuse10
St. Joseph9
Holland West Ottawa7
Cass Tech7
Port Huron Northern6
Cedar Springs6
Forest Hills Central5
Farmington Hills Mercy5
East Kentwood5


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