Regional Previews: Division 1, Region 1

Regional Previews

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Top Tens

Where: Allendale HS

Primarily flat with a few bumps in the back section. Wide open, solid footing, easy for spectators. A waterlogged mess for everyone else, last year’s regionals ran fast in comparison. Expect some personal bests as Grand Rapids area athletes are known to do as the season ends. Thank you to the Allendale folks for hosting many regionals. Easier for state officials, easier for me, just copy/pasting what I previously wrote.

2021 Boys: Grand Haven (7th), Rockford (10th), Lowell (19th)

2021 Girls: Forest Hills Northern (15th), Rockford (26th), Grand Haven (12th)

Unfortunately, to finish all these previews before Friday morning, some areas need to get cut. The writing about the various athletes, any sort of team battles, history, backdrop, that’s the most logical area to take in order to save time. The negative is that’s my favorite part. The positive is that with a lighter schedule of meets next week, I’ll be able to write my Upper Peninsula preview (yes, you read that right) and fill these in. So I’ll likely post an update to all the socials after those athletes are covered, and maybe we’ll have more info on some of the teams that are in contention.

Top 25 Boys Teams: Grand Haven (6th), Zeeland West (8th), Jenison (14th), Rockford (18th)

Top 25 Girls Teams: Holland West Ottawa (Top 2), Grand Haven (6th), Rockford (21st), Jenison (23rd)


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