2022 Mid-Season Regional Projections – Chippewa Hills



Michigan Lutheran Seminary has moved up in a major way, Jeffery Harden playing a major role in the Cardinals high early ranking. He’s been hitting times that last year took him until late October to reach. It looks like Breckenridge will be able to absorb the loss of Ondray Thornton, though they’ll have a challenge to wheel away another trophy in their trailer.

As projected over the summer, there will be four teams fighting for three spots. Breckenridge made history last week, winning their first ever MSAC Jamboree over the Sacred Heart team ranked above them. Both outfits from Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart have battled numbers issues, what was four girls competing at Michigan Catholic has turned into six finishers at Cadillac. Beal City has added depth, and I’ve heard the Aggies may have another surprise up their sleeve.

111Owen PattonVestaburg184.9
212Dakota DykhuisMontabella182.2
311Sawyer StonemanBreckenridge170.7
412Owen GrossBeal City165.3
511Alex WantyHale162.1
611Isaac HummBreckenridge157.0
710Rodney IamurriSaginaw Nouvel152.9
811Jeffery HardenSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary136.0
99Sean BernardHale135.2
1012James WilsonMontabella134.2
1111Carter FollettMerrill129.1
1210Camden FagerSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary128.1
1311Jaden OstranderBreckenridge127.8
1412Jesse JonesMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart121.3
1510Sean O’GradySaginaw Nouvel120.1
1612Silas SchultzSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary117.8
1711Elijah KimbelMcBain Northern Michigan Christian116.0
1810Logan DudleyColeman116.0
199Aiden SpragueBeal City102.5
2012Ethan SharrowCharlton Heston Academy101.9

111Amelia ThompsonBig Rapids Crossroads Academy104.5
210Isabelle EppertFarwell93.2
312Kaylee LockeBeal City91.7
412Kaylee AultmanColeman84.7
512Autumn WakefieldSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary78.0
69Kaya RoseMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart74.1
711Jacqueline MortonMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart72.1
812Raini SponsellerFarwell71.9
912Hadyn ArmstrongBeal City71.1
109Ally SchmitzBreckenridge69.6
1110Avery WestallBreckenridge68.2
1210Abigail DavisVestaburg57.7
1310Lilly LeppertBeal City52.6
1410Jessica PenrodVestaburg50.0
1512Remi SponsellerFarwell49.5
1610Brianna LockeBeal City48.6
1710Lauryn LicariBeal City48.2
1811Tori MostBreckenridge47.0
1912Lily DejaMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart46.0
2012Olivia ErvinMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart43.4



Hart has been very Hart-like in ways, maybe in a different manner than in years past. Their boys have begun the year in a strong fashion, the Pirates winning their division at Pete Moss and Cougar Falcon, placing high at Spartan and Bredeweg. Caleb Bitely, back after not competing in 2020 and 2021, has solidified their top-5. Even with that gap in results, he’s knocked off a minute plus from his freshman best.

As far as state-wide rankings go, their girls have held steady in the #4 spot. Powered up front by Jessica Jazwinski and Alyson Enns, they’re almost guaranteed to have the best two in any race, any setting. Even accounting for the downward trend in times caused by better weather, their depth had their best races of the season.

Beyond Hart, chalk has prevailed thus far. Reed City’s boys were predicted to finish in a great spot in 2021, but that may have been a year premature. 2022 has fared much better, where the Coyotes have picked up trophies at Oiler and Early Season Warrior, won the first CSAA Jamboree, and finished 3rd in a highly competitive, D3-centric division at Pete Moss.

Benzie Central’s girls have absolutely been a surprise. Mylie Kelly always turns it on come championship season, we saw that in track with her gritty 8th place in the D3 3200m. She’s the steady hand up front, Nora Grossnickle has been finishing in PB’s each time out, Bianca Delogu has joined the Huskies for her senior year and just dropped 90 seconds in less than two weeks.

112Hunter JonesBenzie Central227.6
212Clayton AckleyHart196.5
311Anthony KiaunisReed City188.2
412Wyatt DeanHart188.1
512Jake O’NeilRemus Chippewa Hills187.8
610August RohdeReed City187.2
712Pol MollinsBenzie Central185.4
812Seth AckleyHart184.3
911Ryan AllenReed City176.6
1010Max StittHart174.3
1110Coleson CruzanWhite Cloud170.0
1212Dade AllenBenzie Central169.8
1311Paxton HallLake City168.6
1412Caleb BitelyHart162.3
1511Jack O’DonnellManistee161.8
1611Claydon InglerightMcBain161.7
1712Ty KailingReed City161.6
1812Logan PatrickManton157.7
1911Luke SentersManistee156.1
2012Enzo Gagliardi RamalhoLake City155.7

110Jessica JazwinskiHart160.1
211Alyson EnnsHart149.9
311Mylie KellyBenzie Central134.7
411Miranda McNeilMorley-Stanwood130.3
511Cecilia PostmaManistee117.9
612Emma SoelbergShelby109.6
79Quinn HatfieldRemus Chippewa Hills108.6
811Ava HollandsworthRemus Chippewa Hills107.9
910Lexie Beth NienhuisHart106.1
1010Nora GrossnickleBenzie Central101.9
1112Nora SmoesReed City100.4
1212Chloe ColtonManton93.0
1312Bianca DeloguBenzie Central88.6
1412Savanna OwensHart85.7
1512Hadley SaylorManton82.2
1610Brooklyn CarterHart81.6
1712Elizabeth RiglingLeroy Pine River78.8
1810Ava IversonBenzie Central78.6
1912Abigail PrettyHart76.2
2010Megan GottschallLake City76.1



Boys, girls, the Sparta teams have been the story of September and August. While on the outside looking in during the summer, the girls have inserted themselves in the conversation for advancement out of here and down south. Kennedi Wood has raced especially well comparative to 2021, thus far a near guarantee to finish in the 20’s. Both Emma and Greg Janesak are capable of All-State level honors.

While the boys side is rather unsurprising, the girls bring all the intrigue, and this projected result is a great factor in why I’m making the trek up this way. Ludington, mentioned in the preview up above, has some redemption to be had. The young freshman addition, Christina Theis, has kept the Orioles in the game. An enormous breakthrough was just realized for her, a 19:36 at Cougar Falcon. Cadillac gives us the combination of the best depth and the quickest rise. The Vikings are projected to have the strongest 4th-7th runners in this field and are coming off two top-10 finishes at Spartan and their home invite.

We also get a special chart:

PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl

111Gregory JanesakSparta199.2
211Nolan NixonCadillac193.6
312Owen WesterkampBig Rapids191.6
412Andre RichmondWhitehall190.5
512Carter McIlroyWhitehall189.3
611Shane IzzardPetoskey189.0
712Ben KnuthBig Rapids186.0
89Owen MetzgerSparta179.4
912Noah MomberSparta178.2
1010Parker FettigPetoskey177.2
1111Sean PettisFremont176.0
1211Jose FloresLudington175.4
1311Brodie DelamaterGrant175.0
1411Gabe OutmanCadillac174.4
1510Peyton RuelMuskegon Oakridge173.9
1611Dylan OdenbachPetoskey172.8
1711John ChristensenFremont167.2
1812Henrik QuistFremont166.9
1911Trey KesonLudington166.4
2012Ramon HernandezHoward City-Tri County166.3

111Emma JanesakSparta137.3
210Madeline LoePetoskey132.5
311CamBrie CoreyPetoskey129.8
49Christina TheisLudington122.1
59Katie BerkshireGaylord118.8
611Nora O’LearyPetoskey117.9
79Linnea PaigeFremont117.0
810Summer BrowerLudington116.6
911Remington ArneyNewaygo115.7
1011Kennedi WoodSparta114.6
1110Cami KraaiWhitehall113.2
129Brooklynn BrownCadillac112.8
1312Madyson OudbierSparta109.8
1412Regan HillCadillac108.8
1510Nadia GriersonLudington108.4
1612Eleanor CoolCadillac107.4
1712Ariana TreatWhitehall103.5
189Lily SargentGaylord99.1
1910Skylee AmesGaylord90.5
2012Allison TateWhitehall86.3

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