2022 Ratings – Buckley Regional

Boys Adjustment: +40
Girls Adjustment: +47


How Right/Wrong Was I? 5/6 of the top 3 teams, with the Leland Girls putting their best foot forth. 187/216 altogether on the top 3 teams (I think Jacob Tanner had 189, yeah I checked, I’m competitive *shrugs*). Anyhow, the previous four seasons, I’ve had 183, 187, 188, and 190, so this is right in line with that average. As I’ve always said, this sport would be quite boring if it were predictable. 29 separate teams rendering those numbers useless, we love to see it. And heck, even a few teams with 4 in the top 20!


Garret Ensor, Buckley: One season of cross country as a senior, one regional meet, one chance to bypass the 18’s and run a massive personal best. Garret’s 17:53 was way beyond anything he’s shown on a XC course and it earned him a trip down to Brooklyn.

Ariana Rodriguez, Leland: What a ride it’s been for Ariana. She joined the Leland team as a junior and commenced her career with a few efforts above 29:00. Toward the end of that season, she had gotten into the 23’s, an area where she started her senior year. A few months later, she’s still improving, all the way into the 20’s, helping spring the Comets to a drive down south.

12Nathan Wing16:25.5Mason County Eastern178.2
10Mason Sinke16:37.6Bear Lake-Onekama174.1
12Skylar Werden16:38.8Frankfort173.7
10Colebrook Sutherland16:55.6Maple City Glen Lake168.1
11Abe VanDuinen16:59.9Pentwater166.7
11Adam Townsend17:12.5Frankfort162.5
10Alex Tyndall17:16.2Mason County Eastern161.3
12Chase Snell17:16.3Grand Traverse Academy161.2
11Peter Hybza17:18.6Mason County Eastern160.5
12Jackson Kulawiak17:24.9Buckley158.4
11Kaden Forward17:27.2Bear Lake-Onekama157.6
11Mitchel Daniels17:35.4Pentwater154.9
10Kaleb Brown17:36.9Pentwater154.4
11Luke Niedzielski17:37.7Mason County Eastern154.1
9Oliver Mitchell17:38.5Lake Leelanau St. Mary153.8
12Garret Ensor17:53.3Buckley148.9
12Joey Schwindt17:53.4Maple City Glen Lake148.9
10Ron Hasenbank18:00.0Mason County Eastern146.7
9Jacob Plamondon18:01.7Maple City Glen Lake146.1
11Clay Shoup18:04.2Mason County Eastern145.3
10Carroll Robotham18:05.3Frankfort144.9
12Trevor Moody18:07.0Frankfort144.3
10Henry Malburg18:22.1Mason County Eastern139.3
9Keith Crompton18:28.8Frankfort137.1
12Braden Melville18:34.4Buckley135.2
9Wyatt Roberts18:35.2Pentwater134.9
9Cody Couturier18:39.3Lake Leelanau St. Mary133.6
12Colton Manthei18:42.5Grand Traverse Academy132.5
11Aiden O’Dwyer18:44.7Frankfort131.8
10Ryan Grinage18:45.9Leland131.4
9Matthew Bentley18:58.0Buckley127.3
12James Davis19:00.2Pentwater126.6
10Kaleb Chisholm19:04.4Frankfort125.2
9Liam McCaw19:10.3Maple City Glen Lake123.2
9Garrick Collins19:25.3Lake Leelanau St. Mary118.2
8Garrett Grant19:25.4Lake Leelanau St. Mary118.2
11Tristan Bembeneck19:34.2Grand Traverse Academy115.3
10Landon Kulawiak19:39.6Buckley113.5
11Steven Hossler19:39.8Baldwin113.4
12Orion Clarke20:03.1Leland105.6
9Bode Powell20:06.7Pentwater104.4
10Parker Rubin20:13.1Grand Traverse Academy102.3
10Anthony Grant20:13.4Lake Leelanau St. Mary102.2
12Kyle Deshasier20:14.6Buckley101.8
9Tobin Allen20:15.0Grand Traverse Academy101.7
9Derek Graham20:16.3Lake Leelanau St. Mary101.2
9Caleb Forward20:16.8Bear Lake-Onekama101.1
12Riley Truog20:18.0Maple City Glen Lake100.7
11Jaiden Thompson20:29.4Maple City Glen Lake96.9
9Logan Fatura20:31.3Pentwater96.2
9Cody Linna20:32.6Mesick95.8
9Isaac Whipple20:34.9Grand Traverse Academy95.0
10Weston Kinney20:55.0Grand Traverse Academy88.3
9Easton Nowak21:35.5Bear Lake-Onekama74.8
12Nick Lingaur21:37.7Lake Leelanau St. Mary74.1
9Cason Adams22:16.0Maple City Glen Lake61.3
9Joshua Walker22:29.5Mesick56.8
10Trist’n Manning22:39.5Mesick53.5
10Seth VanNortrick24:56.7Mesick7.8

11Aiden Harrand18:11.0Buckley140.7
12Petra Foote19:00.6Grand Traverse Academy124.1
10Ella Knudsen19:34.9Leland112.7
10Lucy Shoup19:38.0Mason County Eastern111.7
9Lauren Niedzielski20:10.3Mason County Eastern100.9
12Anna Mitchell20:18.5Lake Leelanau St. Mary98.2
9Brooklynn Frazee20:21.1Buckley97.3
12Julia Jones20:21.5Grand Traverse Academy97.2
9Addison Chownyk20:32.4Frankfort93.5
10Mya Denoyer20:38.1Leland91.6
9Shenoah Collier20:38.4Grand Traverse Academy91.5
12Ariana Rodriguez20:49.1Leland88.0
11Olivia Wing20:54.9Mason County Eastern86.0
10Ada Grubaugh21:03.5Frankfort83.2
12Bridgette Duncan21:13.1Leland80.0
9Kinsey Peer21:25.1Buckley76.0
12Anna Wolfe21:36.3Frankfort72.2
11Paige Bell21:47.6Grand Traverse Academy68.5
9Jennifer Kmiecik21:57.3Bear Lake-Onekama65.2
9Addisen Harrand21:58.9Buckley64.7
12Anna VanDuinen22:05.0Pentwater62.7
9Natalie Brown22:25.4Bear Lake-Onekama55.9
9Isabella Crompton22:30.7Frankfort54.1
10Kate May22:38.8Frankfort51.4
9Sofia Alaimo22:45.9Frankfort49.0
12Meagan Lange22:46.8Forest Area48.7
11Kendra Couturier23:07.5Lake Leelanau St. Mary41.8
10Isabel Lopez23:08.3Pentwater41.6
11Abby Kissling23:09.2Brethren41.3
12Milla Klomp23:10.7Buckley40.8
11Ava Butera23:19.1Grand Traverse Academy38.0
10Jessica Grant23:19.7Lake Leelanau St. Mary37.8
11Lillie Tscirhart23:21.1Grand Traverse Academy37.3
12Audrey Smith23:28.8Lake Leelanau St. Mary34.7
12Josie Gorcyca23:45.0Lake Leelanau St. Mary29.3
10Savina Anhalt23:53.6Frankfort26.5
10Muriel Korson23:57.2Lake Leelanau St. Mary25.3
11Alleah Dix24:01.5Grand Traverse Academy23.8
12Angela Ramiro Puebla24:08.7Mason County Eastern21.4
9Elena Hopkins24:11.2Mason County Eastern20.6
10Jacqueline Hearne24:18.5Lake Leelanau St. Mary18.2
12Chloe Ninon Treguier24:27.6Mason County Eastern15.1
12Teri Wieling24:29.6Forest Area14.5
9Lauren Davis24:41.2Pentwater10.6
11Abby Hughes24:46.9Pentwater8.7
9Kayla Milarch24:49.2Buckley7.9
9Natalie Myers24:55.2Brethren5.9
12Ashlynn Wardie24:59.4Brethren4.5

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