2022 Ratings – Wagener Park Regional

Boys Adjustment: +43
Girls Adjustment: +50


How Right/Wrong Was I? Only a perfect 6/6 here with regard to the top 3 teams.


I will highlight one kid from each race for a little writeup. With Regionals and their survive and advance attitude, I’ll try to shout out someone who extended their season another week when they weren’t expected to, or contributed to a team that came in with a clutch performance. Of course, that leaves out many athletes who gave a great effort, and all of the athletes that were winners for toeing the line this weekend. Congrats to all.

John Schoen, Capac: John’s senior year has been his best yet and his latest race was another notch in the storybook season. His 17:05 was another personal best, 14 sec. faster than his effort at the GTC League Meet 11 days prior. Both races were his best finishes in the league and region, and I’m sure in a few days, we’ll witness his best finish at the state level.

Zoe Van Rijn, Kingston: This girls race was going to go to Ubly, USA, or Kingston, and it could’ve gone in any order. Listen, I know this course is fast, but Zoe sped past her previous season best by over a minute and even lowered her personal best (from 2021’s Regionals) by three seconds. Kingston as a whole ran out of their minds, watch out for the Cardinals next week.

12Ethan Green16:55.3Kingston167.2
11Aiden Fitchett17:04.1Dryden164.3
12John Schoen17:05.3Capac163.9
11Utah Gusa17:09.6Ubly162.5
10Isaac Bignall17:18.8Unionville-Sebewaing159.4
9Brody Karg17:24.7Harbor Beach157.4
11Connor Rouse17:25.6Genesee157.1
9Carson Burgess17:29.1Brown City156.0
10Turlough Bennett17:43.1Marlette151.3
12Easton Jager17:44.8Brown City150.8
12Wynn Blake17:49.3Brown City149.2
11Christopher Gonzales17:49.6Mayville149.1
11Gavin Helgeson17:51.4Mayville148.6
12Devin Dudley17:56.8Brown City146.7
10Colin Beck18:00.4Deckerville145.5
10Joel Enos18:13.0Mayville141.3
9Kole Franzel18:17.5Mayville139.8
12Ben Keller18:22.9Kimball New Life Christian138.0
10Noah Hall18:26.6Dryden136.8
9Michael Walsh18:29.6Ubly135.8
11Ben Gura18:38.9Kimball New Life Christian132.7
12Nathan Schad18:39.5Unionville-Sebewaing132.5
12Andrew Vogel18:49.0Ubly129.3
11Jacob Bulgrien18:50.3Harbor Beach128.9
10Matthew Pasiak18:51.5Harbor Beach128.5
12Aidan Querback18:57.8Unionville-Sebewaing126.4
9Guy Knoblock19:01.0Ubly125.3
11Ethan Workman19:02.5Brown City124.8
12Jackson Spencer19:02.7Dryden124.8
9Nicholas Rayl19:03.2Kingston124.6
12Austin Beier19:07.2Capac123.3
11Jacob Messing19:14.4Ubly120.9
10Isaac Roggenbuck19:15.5Harbor Beach120.5
12Brandon Kohler19:18.2Brown City119.6
11Brady Wiederhold19:38.3Unionville-Sebewaing112.9
10Canton Tetil19:41.2Kingston111.9
9William Sale19:45.4Dryden110.5
9Brandon Rouse19:45.7Genesee110.4
9Nino Perna19:50.4Marlette108.9
9Gavin Zechmeister19:51.5Mayville108.5
12Connor Palmer19:52.6Deckerville108.1
10Mark Bulgrien19:53.4Harbor Beach107.9
10Tyler McKenney19:54.3Capac107.6
10Zach Becker19:54.8Unionville-Sebewaing107.4
11Connor Wolff19:58.1Dryden106.3
10Zach Will20:01.6Unionville-Sebewaing105.1
10Wes Ford20:06.4Genesee Christian Academy103.5
9Skylar Sentell20:07.3Mayville103.2
12Ty Jackson20:08.5Genesee Christian Academy102.8
9James Nelson20:11.9Kimball New Life Christian101.7
11Landon Dekoski20:12.2Ubly101.6
10Zach Stanke20:31.2Harbor Beach95.3
10Nathan Carey20:34.6Mayville94.1
9Logan Romain20:34.8Dryden94.1
12Dakota Villanueva20:38.1Brown City93.0
10Bryce Thane20:39.4Genesee Christian Academy92.5
10Ethan Eugster20:40.4Deckerville92.2
10Trevor Klaty20:45.7Carsonville-Port Sanilac90.4
12Kyle Wetter20:46.1Capac90.3
12Cody Ballmer20:46.3Genesee Christian Academy90.2
11Matthew Hickmott20:53.3Dryden87.9
11Sam Keller20:53.6Kimball New Life Christian87.8
11Luka McCombs20:54.6Marlette87.5
9Austin Howard20:58.7Capac86.1
12Zeke Ford21:03.3Genesee Christian Academy84.6
9Cameron King21:04.9Marlette84.0
11Isaiah Helton21:07.3Kingston83.2
9Owen Dodder21:09.8Kimball New Life Christian82.4
11Christopher Cumper21:10.8Kingston82.1
10Jimmy Algawali21:15.2Genesee80.6
9Grayson Klaty21:20.5Carsonville-Port Sanilac78.8
9Fischer LeGault21:21.3Harbor Beach78.6
10Orion Berger21:29.0Deckerville76.0
10Leeland Lapp21:33.8Deckerville74.4
10Mario Garcia21:34.7North Huron74.1
10Carter Kosinski21:37.0North Huron73.3
11Luke Heinemann21:41.9Kimball New Life Christian71.7
11Kaden Bruce21:47.9Kingston69.7
9Noah Kegler21:49.4Capac69.2
10Caden Meyer21:50.8Marlette68.8
9Isaac Price22:04.4Carsonville-Port Sanilac64.2
12Randy Hartel22:49.6Carsonville-Port Sanilac49.1
9Trenton Jackson23:06.3Genesee Christian Academy43.6
12Dakota McCombs24:07.7Marlette23.1
9Logan McIntyre24:23.4Marlette17.9
9Simion Harwood24:27.3Genesee Christian Academy16.6
12Alexander McMahan24:48.2Kimball New Life Christian9.6

11Isabella Yeoman19:39.5Genesee110.2
9Lilah Kiley19:45.5Kingston108.2
10Kyra Beemer19:51.7Brown City106.1
11Gracy Walker20:03.7Kingston102.1
12Gabriella Reinbold20:05.6Unionville-Sebewaing101.5
12Sophia Sanford20:20.3Deckerville96.6
11Lily Lemanski20:29.1Marlette93.6
12Maze Gusa20:29.7Ubly93.4
9Molly Walker20:35.6Kingston91.5
10Reece Wruble20:38.3Harbor Beach90.6
12Abigail Guza20:39.6Ubly90.2
9Katie Sweeney20:40.4Ubly89.9
10Meeghan Flikkie20:40.7Kingston89.8
11Alberta Reinbold20:48.9Unionville-Sebewaing87.0
10Brooke Sonnenberg21:12.5Genesee Christian Academy79.2
10Cambree Torma21:18.6Unionville-Sebewaing77.1
10Sarah Nimtz21:33.4Unionville-Sebewaing72.2
11Erica Klee21:41.7Ubly69.4
11Lily Finnigan21:43.7Dryden68.8
11Audrey Napolitano21:44.1Dryden68.6
11Zoe Van Rijn21:49.9Kingston66.7
12Lauren Green21:54.3Unionville-Sebewaing65.2
12Olivia Peter22:02.5Unionville-Sebewaing62.5
9Alexandra Findlay22:05.5Marlette61.5
10Julia Rogers22:12.0Kimball New Life Christian59.3
11Shelby Bowers22:14.9Owendale-Gagetown58.4
12Isabella Hinojosa22:20.4Marlette56.5
12Isabella Aldrich22:26.4Capac54.5
12Sienna Kerr22:30.3Mayville53.2
12Leah Trigger22:31.6Deckerville52.8
10Megan Peter22:40.8Unionville-Sebewaing49.7
9Hailey McGuire22:43.5Kingston48.8
11Emily Greyerbiehl22:54.9Ubly45.0
9Cara Prusakiewicz23:10.7Dryden39.8
11Autumn Frost23:12.1Genesee39.3
11Lauren Eager23:19.2Peck36.9
10Emma Ramisch23:35.0Harbor Beach31.7
11Carly Hendershot23:38.0Mayville30.7
11Noelle Keelen23:47.3Genesee Christian Academy27.6
8Jessica Bowers24:05.1Owendale-Gagetown21.6
11Hayley Hazen24:06.9Marlette21.0
9Layney Frizzle24:07.3Carsonville-Port Sanilac20.9
11Aran Harris24:09.2Ubly20.3
9HarLee Leasher24:11.9Brown City19.4
9Ava Parrott24:16.7Carsonville-Port Sanilac17.8
9Lila Woodall24:21.0Brown City16.3
10Bridget Anderson24:31.3Harbor Beach12.9
12Emma Case24:52.8North Huron5.7
11Ella Flynn24:54.9Mayville5.0
10Nowell Van Rijn24:58.8Kingston3.8

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